Health Plan Achieves 84% Directory Accuracy  
with CAQH Directory Management Solutions  

A large national health plan was making phone calls to providers’ offices to update its directories with correct location information. Despite these efforts, there were only minimal improvements to data quality and provider abrasion was on the rise.  

Like many health plans, this national plan was struggling to improve the accuracy of its directories. They turned to CAQH to help them solve the biggest challenges health plan leaders are facing today:  

  • Increasing directory data accuracy to reduce the risk of a CMS audit 
  • Improve member satisfaction by removing outdated office locations and phone numbers 
  • Decrease operational costs with more efficient, automated provider outreach 

CAQH presented a plan using its Provider Data Platform to streamline the process of updating directory data.

After just three months, the plan performed an internal CMS-style audit and found they had increased the accuracy of their directory data to 84%. 


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