One Solution To Manage Directory and Credentialing Information


CAQH ProView for Groups enables provider groups to manage information health plans need for directories, delegated credentialing, and more in one place.

  • Push location data to individual provider profiles
  • Share one delegated roster with all participating health plans
  • Add data in bulk or directly within the portal
  • See status details for all providers, locations, and plans associated with your group
  • Ensure your data is complete and accurate with automated data validation

Available to provider groups and practice managers at no charge.

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Introducing CAQH ProView for Groups


The brief video below offers a high-level overview of CAQH ProView for Groups' main features and benefits for practice managers.

  • Functionality Highlights

    See how you can contribute location data to provider profiles and share delegated roster data with health plans.


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Please note:

  • Group Name refers to the Group’s Legal Business Name,
    as it appears on the W-9.

  • The Primary Contact will be able to add additional team members
    once the account is created.

  • Our Setup Form requires only one TIN affiliated with the group;
    Additional TINs can be added by the Primary Contact directly in the portal.