Before paying that claim

Assess your strategic approach to COB...

  • Data - are you accessing timely, enrollee-specific, health plan eligibility information?
  • Prospective Focus - are you identifying overlapping coverage, secondary COB BEFORE the claim is paid?
  • Coordination of Benefits is an integral part of your prospective payment integrity initiatives. Read the Case Study and learn how...

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A Prospective Approach

A prospective approach to Payment Integrity (PI) includes a clear strategy and a proactive approach to coordination of benefits.

Coordination of Benefits is an integral part of your PI initiatives. Find out how to reduce improper payments without member disruption and provider abrasion.


National registry sourced directly from health plans and updated weekly with coverage data for more than 180M lives.


COB Smart exclusive matching algorithm results in 99.99% accuracy rate- maximizing cost avoidance savings opportunities, minimizing manual rework activities.


COB Smart solution determines primacy by identifying other coverage from the point of enrollment from the source of truth – health plans - before a claim is paid.

Mobilize a Prospective Approach to Payment Integrity